New logo

The general brand poster that is meant to provide insight about the museum to viewers. In this case, it highlights major scientific innovations and some breakthrough instruments. The dot texture is the same part of the logo just repeated, scaled, and varies in color; this also is a design element throughout the brand.
Also featured is an application of the poster. The Science History Institute is located in a rather busy sidewalk area, with other museums right up the block and a subway stop at the other end. A sidewalk sign such as the one shown would be placed outside the building to get people to stop and come inside.
This is a special exhibition poster designed for the Institute's "Book of Secrets" limited exhibition. "Book of Secrets" is about the mysteries of alchemy. The design utilizes curated images from the exhibit including a master painting of an alchemist and a diagram from an alchemists' sketch book.​​​​​​​
The front of the new business cards feature an illustration of the human head, where you can see the brain bursting off  from all the knowledge you could gain from going. Following the dots to the new slogan lead you to the back of the card where you find the logo in the bottom right corner with the contact information in the opposite corner.
Double gate fold that has the brand message on the inside folds and opens to highlight some scientific instruments in their gallery.
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