Both boxes are drawn from the shape in the Adidas logo. 
The gold comes from the accent color of the Superstar shoes with each piece utilizing the gold differently. The bag has gold trim along the top interior, the big
box has gold under the top inside flap and the small box has gold fully covering
the interior.

Both boxes fit comfortably inside the bag, each bag sporting a gold string.

The bag is 9" tall, 8" wide, and 9" long. It's design strays away from traditional bag shapes as a more unique shape conveys a greater sense of luxury/high end aesthetic. The bag is also more sturdy which allows for more usability.
Close up of the bag interior with the three stripes continuing down and are glossy to enhance the black on black effect. The edge of the gold trim matches the edge work of the three stripes on their Superstar shoes.

Back and side of the big box. This box is 7" tall, 6" wide, and 6" long.

Three of the small boxes fit in the big box to match their triple stripe logo.

The small box measures at 6" tall, 2" wide, and 2" long.

The opening mechanism of the small box is a single-string pull system. The other end is knotted so upon pulling open the main cover, it pulls open the interior flaps as well. This creates a unique and pleasant opening experience for the customer.
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