All of the featured emails were designed and sliced in Adobe Photoshop and reconstructed in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. Due to the varying lengths of each email, they appear to be different widths however they are all 600px in width.
W Hotels is part of the "luxury" tier under the Marriott International umbrella and has a younger demographic than some of the other brands at this tier. That said, a large portion of their branding consists of using photography that is fun and playful which allows for more creativity in the overall composition. All the images with models, and some of the product images, were provided by W Hotels and then curated by me to match what product it was representing.
The Ritz-Carlton is also part of the "luxury" tier however their demographic is quite the opposite of W Hotels. Consisting of a higher percentage of middle-aged and elderly travelers, The Ritz-Carlton has a bigger focus on classical luxury. That said, their branding and products reflect that with simpler compositions and more elegant typography. All of the product images were done by the in-house photographer and like W Hotels, the images with models (and in this case also the image with the boat), were curated by me to represent the product.
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is part of IHG Hotels & Resorts and falls under their "luxury and lifestyle" tier. Kimpton consists of boutique hotels, making each location a new and unique experience.
Thalassa Sea & Skin is the retail program for Thalassa Sea & Spa, a boutique French brand part of Accor. 
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