Main logo for the brand and is on the home team jersey. It consists of the name of the event along with a hockey stick also functioning as a check mark.

Secondary logo and is on the away team jersey.

Standard black and white logo. This would be used
for print collateral where color is not possible and/or necessary.
Both uniforms feature an asymmetrical design with abstracted check mark pattern. The main inspiration behind such a scrambled abstraction is due to how scrambled one can become upon being concussed, and how scrambled you get from CTE. Traditional hockey jerseys feature the number on both sleeves and typically have no shoulder patches or one on each. The charity game would take place in Philadelphia, so "Team East" is the home team in red with "Team West" the away team in white.
The back of each jersey follows the asymmetrical design with uneven number placement and
a curved-down nameplate. Not only do the numbers and nameplate follow the asymmetry motif,
but act as a representation of a declining mental state.
Responsive website featuring information about CTE and the event itself. A motif seen throughout the website and marketing collateral is the shape seen in the background of the hero on desktop. That shape is pulled directly from the logo where the stick tape overlaps into the "K" of the name. Displayed at laptop size is the main hero at the top of the page, with tablet sized showing symptoms of CTE utilizing the previously mentioned shape. Further down the page is a shop section, where fans can buy a blank or custom jersey. "Don't play the rest of your game shorthanded" is a play on words, where in a hockey game being shorthanded means you play down a player; thus significantly handicapping your team. Similarly, living with CTE contributes to living the rest of your life "shorthanded." Finally, the player has a cut out style illustration because it has been reported by some players that living with concussions and getting CTE causes one to feel like a cut out of themselves.
This animation was made with code utilizing GreenSock, a JavaScript animation library. The title at the top plays on the effect of feeling scattered similar to the jersey design, with the shapes gliding around in the background in a seemingly random movement.
An example of a Twitter graphic for their account. Twitter would mainly consist of sharing statistics and other quick, important information. This event would be in conjunction with the Boston University CTE Center, where critical research is being done regarding the connection between hockey and CTE.

Twitter account video demo

Instagram post video demo of an information post with multiple images. For social media, the slogan from the website is shortened.
Ad campaign for people scrolling through Instagram to buy the jerseys.
Ad campaign for people scrolling through Instagram to buy the jerseys.
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